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Sign up now to be an early adopter in our Pilot program. Enter your trip data 25 days or more and be entered to win an iPad mini donated by HDR Inc. During the Pilot, Adult card holders will be mailed cards. Youth and Senior Early Adopters should bring valid ID to TheBus Pass Office to get a card. We appreciate your interest, but only Early Adopters may obtain cards during the Pilot.


Use Holo Anywhere on Island

Tap your HOLO card on TheBus, The Handi-Van and at future rail stations to pay for your transit ride anywhere on island.

Simplify your travel.

Load money to your HOLO card on the website, using your phone, at local retailers or Satellite City Halls. No need to hassle with cash.

Daily spending cap

We are testing the pass cap concept. Pay for two trips in one day with your HOLO card and you earn a day pass. You don't have to purchase the day pass upfront, although we still offer that too. You can purchase stored value for a day pass or load a pass here at holocard.net, or at a local retailer, or at a Satellite City Hall.

Manage it all Online

You can set up an account online to reload your card at a threshold, or monthly or just when you need it.

Manage multiple cards.

Your card’s serial number is linked to your account. You can link other family members to the same account and have multiple ways to load online.

Lose a card?

If you set up an account and you lose your card don’t worry! Simply go online and cancel it and transfer the balance to your new card or call customer service to help you do this.

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What is the Pilot?

In order to help us confirm the system is working accurately according to design and to obtain some initial user feedback we are operating the system with a limited set of early adopters for approximately 3 months. Once we confirm the system is working as it should, we will open HOLO up to all users.

Just Go with HOLO!
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